What age range are Snuggle Bug Wraps suitable for?

Like all brands of stretch wraps, Snuggle Bug Wraps are ideally suited for use from premature/newborn up to 9 kg. The material used to make Snuggle Bug Wraps is very strong, so it's still safe to carry older babies up to 15 kg.

What size adult can use a Snuggle Bug Wrap?

Snuggle Bug Wraps are a generous 5.5 metres in length allowing them to be easily and comfortably used by caregivers of all sizes.

Can I use a Snuggle Bug Wrap to carry a baby on my back?

No. Like all stretch wraps it is not safe or recommended to use a Snuggle Bug Wrap to carry a baby on your back.

How much is postage and how long will it take for my Snuggle Bug Wrap to arrive?

For delivery within New Zealand, the cost is $7 per order for urban addresses and $9 per order for rural addresses. The target delivery is 2-4 working days for major towns and cities. Delivery to small towns and and rural addresses may be slightly longer.

Can I wash my Snuggle Bug Wrap?

Of course. Snuggle Bug Wraps can be machine washed using cold or low temperature warm water (<40 C). We recommend air drying as use of a tumble dyer may cause the wrap to shrink slightly.

Why are some Snuggle Bug wraps made of 100% cotton material whereas others are made of 96% cotton and 4% elastane?

We are in the process of updating the material that is used to make our wraps to include a small percentage elastane. This is to improve the support and longevity of our wraps. While the two materials are reasonably similar, if you have a preference please check the product description when ordering.

Are Snuggle Bug Wraps suitable for people who suffer from back ache?

Snuggle Bug Wraps are ergonomically designed to distribute baby's weight across your entire back and shoulders. This makes them the perfect carrier for people who have back problems.