• The Fourth Trimester

    Your little one has just spent 9 months (or a little less if they were premature) tucked up inside a nice warm, dark place in the womb. However, once your baby enters into the world there are so many new things to stimulate them. The noises are no longer muffled, the light is much brighter, and the once familiar, such as the sound of your heartbeat, is now gone. Add to that loving family and friends who want to pick up your little one, introducing even more new stimulations, and it's easy to see how a newborn baby can become overtired.

    The first three months of a newborn’s life outside of the womb, are a period of great change and development, as baby adjusts to the new environment that they find themselves in. As such, many paediatricians and parenting experts now refer to this time as the “fourth trimester”. This is to help parents better understand the significance of the changes that are occurring and how they can best support their baby’s transition to their new environment.

    Wearing your baby in a Snuggle Bug Wrap allows them to gently adjust to life outside of the womb. No matter if it’s mum or dad wearing baby, a wrap can recreate several womb-like conditions including warmth, the sound of your heartbeat, and having their arms and legs tucked up snugly.


    Studies show that wearing your baby results in up to 51% less crying and fussing: At the time of peak crying (6 weeks of age), infants who received supplemental carrying cried and fussed 43% less overall, and 51% less during the evening hours (4 PM to midnight).1 A wrap allows baby to be tucked up in a fetal position where they feel safe and secure, while being close to mum or dad, and slowly adjusting to the world outside of the womb.

    So if your baby is unsettled, pop them into Snuggle Bug Wrap and gently pat them on the bottom while rocking from side to side. Before you know it, you will have a content little one who is feeling safe and secure in an environment that feels much more similar to the first three trimesters of their life.

    1 Urs A. Hunziker and Ronald G. Barr. "Increased Carrying Reduces Infant Crying: A Randomized Controlled Trial", Pediatrics77, 641-648 (1986).


  • Guest post: Parenting with two made easier

    My husband and I welcomed our second daughter Monique into the world on 26th August not really having any idea on what it would actually be like to have two girls under the age of two! Being an early childhood teacher I hear lots of mixed stories about people dealing with two small children and with all that knowledge and suggestions becomes quite a confusing time.

    As the days went on with having so much support and help from my incredible husband, we began to get into a routine and understand what Monique liked and disliked. Time flew by and before I knew it he was getting ready for work and walking out the door for the day.

    This is when your mind wonders to how you're going to manage daily tasks with two children that you previously did with ease when it was only one child like going to the supermarket to pick up bread and milk, or having a shower when she was sleeping and having that one on one time to yourself.

    I realised that there is no need for worry cause I did prepare myself slightly by getting this incredible Snuggle Bug Wrap that I began to use religiously because Monique was one of those infants who needed to constantly be carried unlike my eldest. The wrap is so easy to put on and with her snuggled up I could have my hands free to play with my 20-month old and sort a few bits around the house.

    Every day I became more confident in my abilities and began managing my time well enjoying these moments that will soon be a memory.



  • Guest post: Lily's introduction to babywearing

    I am a first time mum in the making, and this is my journey into the unknown!  Some of you will know this journey well and some of you will be in my shoes- figuring out the why’s and how’s of these wonderful little humans, step by step.  And of course letting ALL the advice that had been thrown at you from the last 9 months, slowly all make sense all fall into place.

    I married my dreamy, kiwi-bloke husband in November 2016.  Yes your maths is correct, I was almost 20 weeks pregnant at the wedding, sporting a wee bump under the beautiful dress.

    My husband, the midwife and I welcomed our shriveled up, raisin-like, but none the less, BEAUTIFUL baby girl in the wee hours of the morning 11 weeks ago.  It was an experience that was everything the textbooks and stories made it out to be- but also SO much more. Our worlds really did change forever that early morning.

    Maya, our 11 week daughter, has slotted into our daily lives quite nicely, and there’s no way we could imagine not having her around now.

    The first week and a half flew by, while we were all in a complete haze of love, excitement and exhaustion.  It wasn’t until that 1st Monday where my husband returned to work that caring for this baby was left ALL UP TO ME from 7am until 5pm.  Although we had an abundance of support just a phone call away, there was no 2nd set of hands in the house to call on like there had been.

    The tasks for day 1 were

    1. keep the baby fed, happy, and napped (and alive)
    2. squeeze in a meal or 2 for myself (a breastfeeding mumma needs her food afterall)
    3. Have dinner cooked by 7pm

    In that order.

    We started with task 1.

    Our week and a half old baby was still enjoying the comfort of sleeping right next to a human heartbeat and absorbing those precious cuddles.  The bassinet did not have the same effect!

    This was all great- until it was only me and home and dinner still needing cooking.  BABYWEARING instantly became the greatest invention of all time.  After feed time (which was about every 3 hours), I would put my wrap on and slot the baby in. Within about 2 minutes and at least I had a sleeping babe on my chest 2 hours of independence. YAY.

    This 2 hour sleep time while having Maya in her Snuggle Bug wrap became magic!

    A productive 2 hours could include dinner being prepared (task 3… TICK!), a few bills being paid, the bed duvet quickly getting pulled up, sheets tucked in or a load of washing changed over and quickly chucked into the correct bedroom.  Otherwise, 2 hours could include some ‘me time’ where it was possible to check Facebook in peace, do the things I kept remembering about at the 2am feeds, or just blob out for some chill time and enjoy that Mocha and chocolate biscuit with both hands free and your feet up.  Both use of the 2 hours are pretty productive if you ask me ;).

    The swaddle bug meant that I could have both hands available while Maya had her 2 hours (plus) of sleep between feeds.  And all while not missing a minute of those new born smells and twitches, snugged right up on my chest! In the first few weeks of motherhood this was a win win for baby and Mum! Go baby wearing.


    First time mum in the making,

    Lily x


  • Introducing Snuggle Bug

    I'm Andrea and this is my family: My husband Jo (who is behind the camera taking the photo) and our children Samantha, Isaac, Xavier and Ezra. In my spare time when I’m not wrangling children and taking them to their activities I am here at the computer with a cup of coffee answering your emails, checking on Facebook, sorting out orders and checking on the courier to ensure that they have delivered your wrap. I also enjoy creating and making things and being in the company of my mum friends.

    Snuggle Bug started in 2009 when Isaac was a baby. He was a very unsettled baby who needed to be held all the time (the complete opposite to my first). I had previously used a pocket sling, however I found that this put too much strain on my shoulder so I wanted to find something that was more comfortable and natural to use. After a bit of research I decided on making my own wrap as the wraps available on the market at the time were out of our price range. So I went about and made my first wrap to carry him in and made a few more to gift to friends. Over time people on the street became so interested in these wraps and requested to buy them. From there Snuggle Bug has grown over the years into the business that it is today.

    Here at Snuggle Bug we want baby wearing to become a natural part of parenting and want to ensure that it can be affordable for all parents / caregivers. We have had childcare providers, grandparents, NICU units, foster families and adopted families purchase wraps – I love that people in all walks of life are able to baby wear and keep their little ones close.

    As we are so passionate about families and babies we like to help out as much as possible in the community. Currently we support Angel Casts by donating a percentage of our profit to their organisation. We have also supported Early Buds, Baby Wearing Daddies and other organisations over recent years.

    We look forward to expanding our range in the future and continuing spreading the baby wearing love around New Zealand.


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